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Founded 1946


The Northern Golden Retriever Association has a worldwide membership of around 420 members.

The majority of these members are based in here in the UK, although it also has members from European countries as well as further afield.

The Northern Golden Retriever Association welcomes owners of Golden Retrievers who wish to show or work the dogs and also owners of other breeds of retriever who wish to work their dogs to join the Association.

Membership Fees

         The annual fee for membership (Single £10.00 & Joint £12.00) includes the cost of a year book and also reduced entry fees to club events. Membership can be either single or joint. Joint members are entitled to two votes but, will only receive one yearbook. The annual subscription is due on the  1st January each year.

If the Member shall fail to pay outstanding subscriptions by 1st March each year, the Member’s name shall be erased from the register.

To rejoin after that date a new application to join the Association will have to be made on the appropriate form.

Members elected after October shall be deemed to have paid the membership fee for the ensuing year provided that they do not enter an Association show or field trial or any other event as a member during that period.


If you wish to apply for membership to the Northern Golden Retriever Association, please print and complete a copy of the application form found on this site and forward it to the General Secretary together with your payment of the annual subscription, cheques should be made payable to 'Northern Golden Retriever Association'


   By joining the Northern Golden Retriever Association, all members agree to and are expected to abide by the Northern Golden Retriever Association Rules and Regulations and Code of Ethics.

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