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Founded 1946

 14 dog Novice stake for AV Retriever at Hainton, Lincolnshire

 26th January 2011.

By kind permission of Mr Brian Walker and Mr Steve Crookes’ team of guns.

Judges: Mr Philip Wagland, Mr David Probert, Mr Richard Hinks, Mr Trefor Richards.

1st & Unavale Trophy, Mr Peter Bates’s Labrador dog LEVENGHYL WING AND A PRAYER


2nd & Bakestone Trophy (For PTA members & Eastdale Trophy for Guns’ choice)                                                           Mr David Jackson’s Labrador dog ECCLESTONIA DONTE OF KISHFIELD.

          COM : Mrs Sandra Halstead’s Labrador bitch COPPERBIRCH SIOUX OF DRAKESHEAD

From Left to Right (Back Row)

Judges           Mr Richard Hinks             Mr David Probert  Mr Philip Wagland Mr Trefor Richards.

Mrs Sandra Halstead  Mr Peter Bates   Mr David Jackson

COM                                  1st                 2nd                           

Open Stake for Golden Retrievers

3rd & 4th October 2011

Held at Preesall, Lancashire.

By kind permission of the host and NGRA Guns.


Mrs Judy Rainey, Mr Bob Stobbart, Mr David Field & Mr Philip Smithies.


1st      Mrs V Prichard’s GR.D. Vamp Parsley Pottage

COM  Mr R Ashdown’s GR.B. Mistybrook Bracken (and Guns Choice)

Best Marking Dog Mr G Bird GR.D. Scherzando Pisces

NGRA Open Breed Stake 3rd & 4th October 2011 at Hy-Fly Preesall Lancashire

David Field  (Judge)  Richard Ashdown     Philip Smithies (Judge) Judy Rainey (Judge) Graham Bird  Bob Stobbart (Judge)

                          COM  & (Guns Choice)             Vicky Prichard                            Scherzando Pisces

       Mistybrook Bracken                    (1st)                                      (Best Marking Dog)

Field Trials 2011

14 dog stake for Any Variety of Retriever

18th October 2011.


Held at  Everingham, North Yorkshire.

 by kind permission of Mr George Cooper and Mr S Crookes’ team of guns.


Mr Michael Newsam, Mr William Rostron, Mr Graham Jones, Miss Charlotte Smith.

1st:Mr Peter Orwin’s Yellow Labrador dog RUDBY RUSTY.

                                            Unavale Trophy for the winner, and Aurea Tankard for the Guns Choice.

        2nd Mr W Mitchell’s Labrador Dog LABDOM TORSA (Handler Lynn Mitchell)

Left to right:

Lynn Mitchell, Graham Jones, George Cooper, Charlotte Smith, Mick Newsam, Peter Orwin, Bill Rostron

2nd             Judge                    Host                 Judge                   Judge                1st                 Judge             

14 dog Novice stake for Any Variety of Retriever  29th October 2011.

Held at Rainford Hall, Merseyside

by kind invitation of the Rainford Hall Shooting Syndicate.


Mr David Jackson, Mrs Glenys Caldwell,  Mrs Judith White, Mr Ian White.

1st  Mr John Yarwood’s Lab. D. Gosberry Governor.

The Rainford Hall Trophy  Highest placed Dog,

The Leagram Trophy to the Stewards Choice,

The Bakestone Trophy to the Highest Pennine Training Area member.

2nd Mrs Sandra Halstead’s Lab. D. Copperbirch Otto Of Drakeshead.

3rd Mr Nathan Laffy’s Lab. B. Abbotsleigh Emu.

4th Mr Phil. Burrow’s Lab. B. Garagill Pixie of Beaconway.

Left to Right

Back Row

David Jackson (Judge) Judith White (Judge) Ian White (Judge) Philip Smithies (Chief Steward)

Front Row

Phil Burrows  Glenys Caldwell John Yarwood Sandra Halstead NathanLaffy

(4th)              (Judge)                 (1st)                     (2nd)               (3rd)

14 dog Golden Retriever Breed Stake.

31st October 2011.

Held at Walesby Notts

by kind invitation of Mr Noel Hudson and the Bevercotes Park Shoot.


Mr Jim Gale, Mr Dave Haycock, Mrs Sue Lowe & Mr Alan Richardson.

1st Mr David Barnes’ GR. D. Souter Romulus at Millgreen

      Boltby Cup to the Winner

2nd  Mr Stuart Robson’s GR. B.Haddeo Hermia

COM Mr Steve & Mrs Anne Crookes’ GR. D. Moscargrange Blade (Handler Steve Crookes)

COM Ms Denise Smith’s GR.B. Harsett Tamise

Castletown Rosebowl to the Guns Choice

Millennium Tankard to the Youngest Dog in the Awards

Back Row Left to Right: Judges Alan Richardson, Dave Haycock, Jim Gale, Sue Lowe. (Horse Lucky)

Front Row Left to Right: Steve Crookes, Dave Barnes, Denise Smith Stuart Robson.

COM                        1st                     COM               2nd

14 dog All-Aged stake for Any Variety of Retriever

24th November 2011.

Held at Finningley Park Shoot Doncaster

by kind invitation of Messrs Clark and the Syndicate.


     Mr Philip Wagland, Mr Arthur Hewer, Mr Duncan Matthews, & Mr Stuart Robson.

1st Mr John Halstead’s Lab. D Drakeshead Vince

      Peredenia Cup to the Winner

2nd Mr Steve & Mrs Anne Crookes’ GR. D. Moscargrange Blade (Handler Steve Crookes)

       Pebbletoft Trophy to the best Golden

3rd  Mr Robert Daws’ Lab D. Delfleet Magnum.

       Eastdale Trophy (Guns Choice)

4th  Mr Glynn  Sykes’ Lab D. Kenmillix Sand Grouse.

COM  Mr Brendan Kelly’s Lab D. Ravenstar Dillon.

COM Mr Peter Thompson’s Lab D. Tullyah Dan.


Left to Right:-

Peter Thompson Glynn Sykes Robert Daws Steve Crookes, John Halstead Brendan Kelly

COM             4th                  3rd                      2nd                             1st                 COM

            Judges  Arthur Hewer  Stuart Robson Duncan Matthews Phil Wagland                                                  

Field Trial Photo Gallery 2011

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